About notsocommoncents

Notsocommoncents is your front row seat to the often-tragic comedy we like to call Corporate America. Through this blog I hope to bring a bit of common sense analysis and insight to the world of business. In other words, a fresh perspective on business.

Notsocommoncents launched in 2005 while its authors Brandon Handy and Mikal Lewis were still in business school. Over time it grew to good traffic but our focus in the site died as Brandon and Mikal moved on to full time roles. Three years later this blog was relaunched with a focus on long reflective analysis as opposed to reactions from daily news cycles.

Please note the opinions of this blog are our own and are in no way reflective of our respective companies.

About the authors:

Mikal Lewis, MikalFM, is a UX Designer, Marketer and Product Strategist from Baltimore, Maryland.  He is currently back at Microsoft after leading a Seattle area startup. In the past Mikal served as a Product Planner working on Windows Media and Entertainment. Mikal joined Microsoft in 2006 as a Search Media Analyst that year he co-authored a ThinkWeek paper on Search which was read and reviewed by Bill Gates.

Mikal resides in the Seattle area with his dog Thelonious Monk; he has an MBA from Florida A&M University.

He currently is lead author on two blogs: notsocommoncents, and Mikal.FM where he broadcasts thoughts on Design, Business and Philosophy.

Ocassional contributor, Justin McDowell is an Enterprise Architect at Sun Chemical. Prior to joining Sun Chemical; Justin was with Accenture (NYSE:ACN), where he provided IT Strategy consulting services to Fortune 500 clients such as Merck & Co., Inc, The Dow Chemical Company, and American Express.

As an author on notsocommoncents he seeks to offer opinionated analysis of the mash ups occurring in business, technology and their disruptive effects on companies that do not innovate.  Justin is from Cincinnati and lives in the Atlanta area with his wife. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.S in Physics from Florida A&M University.

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