52 awesome things

There are 24 hours in a day 168 hours in a week Surely a few of them can be used to create something awesome. Why not resolve to create one each week? And over the course of a year—leave the world with 52 awesome things. What is awesome? Something that creates durable value not just [...]

State of the Modern Workplace: Showing up to Book Club without Reading the Book

More than a century later Taylorism continues to shape how we think of work. Over the past few years I've become sensitive to a common workplace characteristic: an intellectually dishonest work environment. Now the word intellectual itself comes with its own set of baggage. Associating with pompous verbosity. But intellectual honesty is personal, it means [...]

Time is information

As Greek philosopher Heraclitus opined, "you can never step into the same river twice." This post is an ode to time—the true source from which learning derives. As a product manager, a significant portion of my role is fostering decisions. This comes in many forms but my personal maxim is to minimize the number of [...]

Immersive Learning.

When doing think. When thinking do. A career swings between two extremes, leveraging strengths and mitigating weaknesses. A tactic I’ve found helpful through each swing of the pendulum is immersion—an approach for building on strengths and mitigating weaknesses. You might adopt this tactic in the midst of or leading up to a moment that requires [...]