Friends Make the Best Bloggers (and Guest Posts)

There is an inadvertent side-effect to going deep into subject areas that may or may not be current news, you have fewer opportunities to link to friends.* So this is the post where we let all our friends know that yes we do read your blogs.

Martin Gillard @ The Digital Corner – a quick and interesting post that says, ok with all the industry focus on display + search advertising, what’s beyond Display + Search, how do you take a more holistic look at advertising ROI and what’s the right metric to use?

Annie Lee @ Social Potato ChipsOwn Your Online Identity. If you don’t someone else will.
Mikal’s note: Open question all, what do you think about ‘Google Profiles’? I am a fairly transparent person online – but I have to say Google Profiles scare me. Not sure why, I think its for the same reason I wouldn’t have an online profile at the IRS. I feel like Google is the defacto internet – so this move has a government database we’re watching you, feel to me.

Gayle Laakmann @ Technology WomanThink Less, Experiment More 5 Lessons on Entrepreneurship. A great and insightful guest post by Gayle on Women Grow Business. All spot on truths – I especially like the point about knowing the value of your time- most important concept in finance, time value of money. Now if time = money, the most important concept is therefore the value of your time.
For entrepreneurs: I’d add to experiment more think less, is a commoncentism “never pay full price for a lesson you can get on discount” and everyone else should “avoid paying full price for a lesson you can get on discount”

Featured Post
Jason Yormark @ – Jason is a former colleague at Microsoft Advertising who worked as an adCenter Community Manager. He wrote a post mortem so to speak on his experience at Microsoft titled: 9 Things I Learned While Working at Microsoft. Honest, he provides an open perspective on his Microsoft experience.

Quick Note. I’ve gotten in on the Guest Post game at The Ideators Journey – discussing a collaborative journey through ideation. (ambiguous enough? check it out)

As always you can find out what’s going on with our friends under the Friends of Notsocommoncents section to the left.

*possible next post: is Google PageRank and Twitter “followers” bad for the (social) internet?

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