Recollections on Healthcare

I recall . . .
As an intern sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry leading up to the 2004 Presidential elections the company I was working for had its sales force in a stupor. Everyone was deathly afraid of Kerry being elected. The consensus was that if John Kerry was elected it would mean death for our jobs.

One of my coworkers in my territory turned to me and said “we’re not going to have jobs!” I can imagine the look on my face gave way to my thinking. Really? Drug re-importation, health care reform, is going to keep people from being sick? From buying medicine?

Here an entire industry that operates with waste and extravagant spending (ask your nearest pharmaceutical rep about their expense accounts from 2000-2005) believe they were going to crash entirely based on the outcome of the presidential election and a single piece of legislation. No one was willing to question whether their extravagance- was itself a problem.

Well we all know how the 2004 election went.

However, we’ll never know what that doomsday scenario would’ve brought.

But we do know what 2005 brought.

It turns out she was right. And the poor still didn’t have healthcare reform.

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