Game Theory: How a CES Announcement Provided PS3 Another Year of Profits

Way back in the 20th century, 1994 to be exact, a price war was raging between the Daily News and the New York Post for the price of New York’s Daily Tabloid Newspaper. The lessons of this exercise in game theory provides insight into the ongoing console wars between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. In addition, [...]

A closer look at the Freakonimics pay for grades study

A few weekends ago, I watched the movie version of Freakonomics (available on Netflix instant streaming here). Except for the film’s final section, “Freakonomics: The Movie” covers exactly the same topics as the first book in a more digestible format.The final section covers a test conducted at a Chicago Heights High School, exploring the question: [...]

Is Nook a Kindle Killer?

In a word. No. Barnes and Noble execs (hopefully) know it, Amazon knows it. Everyone except for PC magazine knows it. But I don’t blame David Coursey’s cursory commentary, after all someone had to write the obligatory five reasons why… list. Silicon Alley one of my favorite blogs has a good list of reasons explaining [...]

Slow M&A process leaves Sun eclipsed

When I first heard the news Oracle - Sun merger, I had high hopes that given a quick transition there would be some interesting disruptive effects. This immediately threatens IBM who for years have used less expensive, home-grown hardware to propel sales in higher margin enterprise software. Oracle not only acquires the hardware to implement [...]


Pepsi’s branding vs. Coca-Cola over the years. Read more to see graphic. via Digg What does it mean to be Indelible? Visionary ● Discipline ● Consistent ● Timeless ● Visionary ● Patient ● Relevant ● Is your business strategy indelible? *the graphic is representative not intended to be taken literally- there have been brand changes [...]


It's good to be back!! Yesterday I had a very informative conversation with a client of mine with a deep marketing background. The topic centered around "Web 2.0" companies and could small to midsized, non "Web 2.0" companies, borrow some of the same concepts to grow market share and brand awareness, social networking, and focused [...]