52 awesome things

There are 24 hours in a day

168 hours in a week

Surely a few of them can be used to create something awesome.

Why not resolve to create one each week? And over the course of a year—leave the world with 52 awesome things.

What is awesome? Something that creates durable value not just for you but for the world. It could be sharing a favorite recipe. A blog post. A letter for a friend.

What’s your awesome thing? I want to hear from you each week at @MikalFM #52awesomethings

In keeping with 52 awesome things. I’ll be spending the next year sharing an awesome thing (post) each week.

about the author

Mikal is a reformed startup CEO and experienced Product Executive based in Austin, TX. After years leading product teams at Microsoft, Nordstrom and most recently VP of Product at RetailMeNot, he now serves as a product coach helping teams in growing tech markets work their way up The Product Team Ladder.

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